What You'll Find Here.

So, when you start a blog at 14, and all those archives stick around (y’know, because even in cyberspace I’m a packrat), you're bound to chuckle at your younger self when you reread them more than a decade later. But peppered throughout, there are also poignant and insightful moments, moments when nostalgia punches me in the gut, moments that began to carry me from then to now, and onward. My earliest words in this space are gifts; they remind me that even the awkward years were sweet. Feel free to look back and chuckle lovingly along with me, or read my reflections on growing up a blogger.

Here are other topics you'll find when you hang your hat here. To me, they all encompass ordinary goodness, the simple and overarching graces that give my life depth and breadth and blessing. I hope you might begin to recognize your own.

Transitions & Twenty-Something Life

Trying to figure out my story.

When the little girl on the swing saw right through me.

Job searching, without knowing what you're searching for.

Hanging on to old friends, and finding new ones.

Intention? What's that?

Transition on top of transition.

Now comes first.

The courage and confusion of an ordinary day.

Where I come from.

What 25 was like.

What 26 might have in store.

Giving thanks for getting here

Wedding dress shopping.

Grad school, and the courage to tell my stories.

Finding light in the little moments.

Observations on planning a wedding.

My Faith Journey(s)

The story that I love, and struggle with.

My favorite church in England.

Poem prayers for Advent and Ash Wednesday.

From time to time, I offer reflections at our church staff worship services. 

Take away the stone.

When my teenage faith began to shift.

My grandfather's stroke and passing, how we grieve and celebrate:
Part I
Part II
Part III

Easter this year.


Studying in England.

Road tripping to Washington, D.C. 

Humbled and mesmerized by Nigeria.

Let's go back to the Pacific Northwest. 

Remembering England, five years later.

Friends, Family & Relationships

Childhood girlfriends, growing up. 

How the falling in love began.

Women, forging a path. 

A grandmother's beauty.

Grieving for the sweetest dog.

Thanksgiving for a friend.

Community, near and far.

What really matters during wedding season.

The joys and tensions of two homes.

When he knelt down and asked me.

Birthday memories.

What best friends mean.

My little brother, grown up.

Kady's quilt

Saying farewell to my beloved grandfather.

Celebrating a friend who glows.

Monthly Favorites

I share and remember what made each month great.

Davidson College Men's Basketball

When I first began to figure out that I was watching something important.

Then, yep, this happened.

The Baby-Faced Assassin and his friends, our classmates, our team, gave us a lifetime of memories.

And yet, it was only the beginning.

Here are my favorites.

What this community means to so many

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