Thursday, October 09, 2014

Celebrating August and September.

Better (way) late than never (maybe?)... Hopefully this will be the last combined-month deal.

Engagement Parties. Generous folks have thrown us wonderful get-togethers (with great food!), and it's been lovely to see and celebrate with so many people. It has also been somewhat odd to be the center of attention, and I still maintain that every person, single or coupled, should be treated to a housewares shower when they move out of their parents' house. But overall it's been a great deal of fun, and I am grateful for all the people who care about us and have really supported us through this time.

We found a place to live! Hallelujah x 10000. It has every element that we wanted (including a nice kitchen), with friendly and attentive landlords to boot. The afternoon we moved in, our pastor came over to help us plan our wedding ceremony. It was super special to have her be the first guest at our table (we have a dining room table!), and to have her bless the house before she left.

New/old friends. Moving back to Atlanta has allowed me to connect with some ladies that I knew by sight when I would come home to visit, but now get to actually be friends with. It's been so much fun to hit it off and get together for meals.

Church dinners/Women's group. We've been going to church dinner most every week, and then I've been going to a women's Bible Study afterwards. Both have been lovely! (And the former has been yummy.) 

Jessica Smith TV. I think I mentioned this once before, but I have discovered Jessica Smith and I love her and her workouts (and her dogs). Her weight-lifting exercises have been especially helpful.

Recipes. We asked our wedding guests to either bring, mail or email us a favorite recipe, and we've gotten so many in the mail! Can't wait to try them out over the next year.

Birthday celebrations. Sean had a birthday in September so his mom cooked a wonderful meal, and our combined families all came over for dinner. I'm so thankful that our families like each other and that we feel comfortable and happy celebrating together. The next day (his actual birthday), we had a catering tasting for the wedding, and they had cake for him there as well.

Celebrating Coach Cooke. We went up to our beloved Davidson (still home) to celebrate Sean's baseball coach Dick Cooke and his 25 years at the school. It was inspirational, fun, and a reminder of why our alma mater is so wonderful. Answer: It's the people!

Here's to October! (Like, a week into it... Oops.)  

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