Monday, June 09, 2014

(Belatedly) Celebrating May.

Ohhhh it was a month. And it seems like it's already been a month crammed into this first week of June. Sorry I've been infrequent and out of it over here, y'all. The whole life-happens-when-you're-busy-making-other-plans deal rings true a lot for me these days. And for many of you, I'm sure!

Anyway, here are some life things that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in May.

Take me out to the ballgame... Sean plays on a couple of adult baseball teams and I love going to games to cheer him on and enjoy the summer air. There are always new people to talk to/observe, and the guys on the field are having a blast.

We got Save the Dates out! It felt like a major victory hearing all of those envelopes make a huge clunk in the bottom of the blue mailbox. After all of the talking and planning amongst ourselves and our families, we finally sent the news out into the world, in official magnetic fashion. 

Shoes. I buy shoes maybe every seven years - pretty much only whenever my current shoes are somehow rendered physically and permanently unwearable - so it was fun, not gonna lie, to go on a jaunt for new footwear, during which I purchased my first pair of colorful shoes. Quite summery!

The end of another memoir class. As always, when my spring term of monthly memoir workshops comes to a close, I'm grateful for the inspiration that my peers have given through their work, and the help they've offered when I've shared mine. We have such diverse stories but there is ALWAYS a way to connect.

Celebrating a wonderful life. Sean's grandmother passed away at age 89 in the middle of the month, and we went to New Orleans to gather with his family and celebrate her life. It was incredibly special to spend time there and get to know my new family even more. In the last six months we have each had to say goodbye to a beloved grandparent, and it has been such a blessing to join together with family and friends in celebration and sadness.

A quick visit. Our unexpected trip to Louisiana meant a quick stop in Atlanta, where I got to see my Maid of Honor while she was in town. I won't see her again until the wedding week, so it was great to get to visit briefly - as usual, it felt like I'd seen her yesterday!

Beach vacation. Yep, the second half of the month was a whirlwind... From Louisiana we traveled to Panama City Beach, Florida, for vacation with my family. It's always a relaxing week of reading, eating, going down to the water, playing Bananagrams and simply being. I was grateful to have that again this summer.

Visiting Naples. More time in the Sunshine State... From family vacation I flew to Naples for a destination wedding. A friend of mine who lives there took me around for the day, to the beach, the pier, the local library (it's GORGEOUS), a delish breakfast place, and more. It was fun to be in part of the state that I'd never seen before. And then, of course, the wedding itself...

Celebration! This was the wedding of two of my dearest college friends who started dating our sophomore year. After so much anticipation - both for their marriage and the reunion of our friends - it was so wonderful to witness the wedding (a personal, elegant ceremony) and be part of the celebration. The caliber of move-busting and dancing was at an all-time high. Also, my friends are used to me being the official unofficial photographer, and I got some great pictures on the dance floor. It was a great night and well worth the quick trip!

Okay, this technically happened in June... But it was June 1 so I'll let it slide. I had the chance to attend my favorite evening worship service when I was at home, and we sang this song... I loved it. A good reminder to take through the rest of the month, through life constantly happening, through the expected and unexpected.

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Tara Lynne Groth said...

We both have a shoe gap quirk in common! I donated a pair of sneakers two years ago that I had worn for 13 years! They were Reeboks and fantastic. My others were 8 years old and I donated those too. I met someone who had 2 pairs of each shoe set and would rotate them so that they would last longer--if we tried that we would be good until we retire! :)