Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Celebrating March.

The Oscars. For someone who's been watching the Academy Awards since she was 10, the first Sunday night in March (or whenever ABC happens to decide) is a given for me. Ellen! The selfie heard round the world! Lupita and Cate's amazing speeches! John Travolta's name gaffe heard round the world! J. Law being gorgeous and snarky! And most of all, "Happy." Always "Happy."

Asheville. A lovely weekend for our last SoCon Tournament. Would have been lovelier if we had stayed through Monday, but time in Malaprops, great food, nice weather, some unexpected friend sightings = good stuff.

Memoir class. I always love my monthly memoir workshop and this term is no exception. My instructor and classmates are helping me immensely while I work on my MFA - and everyone's writing is hands down amazing. It's such a privilege to hear others' stories in this way.

Go-Go Fresco. There's a mobile farmer's market called Go-Go Fresco that sets up in front of the gym once a week and it is wonderful. I buy spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, apples, cheese (blue cheddar this week), all grown within 40 miles. It's also a pay-as-you-can system, which is really neat. It's been a great addition to my weekly routine. Check them out here!

You wait, little girl, on an empty stage... The older adults program at the church where I work recently featured a performance by Dan Truhitte - a.k.a. Rolf from The Sound of Music. It was so cool to hear his stories from the film shoot and, of course, hear him sing the songs that I've known since before I can remember. Next year he's going to a cast reunion as they celebrate the film's 50th anniversary - Julie Andrews included. Oh to be a fly on that wall!

Talking about Davidson. I always love to talk about my alma mater, and this was no exception: I was interviewed about the highlights of my college experience along with 29 other alums. The videos will be sent out to the students accepted for the Class of 2018 (yikes). It was a lot of fun to think about what experiences have formed me and helped me get to this point - and to think of what's coming next! I was grateful for the opportunity.

March Madness. Even though my boys aren't in it this year, I can't stay away.

A weekend at home. I drove down (with a favorite carpool buddy) for my grandmother's birthday and we gathered as a family to celebrate her. It was bittersweet - her first birthday without my grandfather, mingled with happy family news - and it reminded me (again) how I could not have asked for a better group of folks with whom to share a history. (Also caught up with friends, tried on my wedding dress, went to church, played with my pup and ate a burger from my favorite place.)

Prom spin. My spin instructor is the greatest, and one of her great qualities is her love of theme spin classes. We have Halloween spin ("Thriller" and "Werewolf in London" on the playlist), holiday spin, St. Patrick's Day spin, and now... Prom spin. That's right. Everyone brought photos of their "prom poses" and we'd given her songs that were played at our proms earlier in the week for the playlist. We even had a raffle and picked a king and queen. Oh, and I wore my senior prom dress... It happened to be shorter than most, and stretchy.

Friends and food. This past weekend we had two great dinners with friends. First, a big family-style get-together with about 15 people, and the next night a double date at our favorite Spanish restaurant and TCBY. Sometimes (most times, really) a good meal with good people is all you need. 

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