Monday, March 03, 2014

Celebrating February.

Ah, February, the shortest, yet slowest, and maybe coldest (at least in 2014) month... time to celebrate you!

(I think I'm going to try out changing these monthly post titles to "Celebrating [insert month here]." Because my goal really is to celebrate and appreciate what went on, no matter how small.)

McKillop Court. Bob McKillop has been coaching at Davidson College since I was about a year old. So it was only right that when we celebrated his silver anniversary, they revealed that the basketball court will forever bear his name and legacy. A meaningful moment, a win, a fun weekend with my parents.

The Winter Olympics. I always forget about the Winter games until they show up again. And how insane are these sports? Slopestyle, goodness me. Even ice dancing is un-frickin-believable (Meryl and Charlie, ah-maaazing!). And I re-realized how much I love Bob Costas, and miss him when he's out sick, and that the NBC Olympics theme - from the opening percussion all the way to the end - never ceases to make me tear up.

Friends + food. I got to have several fun and delicious meals with friends, family and co-workers.

Dad's visit. On that note, my awesome father came up for a basketball game and before that we enjoyed dinner at The Pickled Peach, a new sandwich/soup/salad place in Davidson. My new favorite meal is their roasted turkey, tomato and avocado sandwich with ranch dressing on a collard wrap. (You guys, it's wrapped in an actual collard! I felt so healthy.) Add a side of garlic white bean spinach salad and a cherry chocolate chip cookie and you've got yourself an excellent meal.

Snow days. Two and a half of 'em! It was nice to have a break in the middle of the week, stay in my bathrobe, watch the Olympics, cozy up and eat junk food. And it was nice to see the snow pile up outside the windows. And slip-slide to the grocery store (only once, thankfully) and watch folks sled down the hill. But heads up, Winter 2014: To quote bobsled legend Yul Brenner, this doesn't mean that I like you.

Downton Abbey Season 4. I'll admit that after the double-death-downer of last season I was apprehensive, expecting demons (and more actors refusing contracts) behind every door. But though there were some very tough moments, I thoroughly enjoyed this season. I love these characters. (Isobel + Violet sparring = best.) Although when the credits rolled on the Christmas special I said something along the lines of, "Wait. No one arrested, no one dead, no war? Are we sure they're not doing a Marvel post-credits deal? Did I miss something?"

Car sing-alongs. Two day trips gave me the opportunity to do one of my favorite things: Sing loudly in the car. The skies were sunny. All was lovely. I got offended every time "Happy" was not playing on at least one radio station at all times, but you can't have it all.

Rachel Held Evans. Check out my blog post about hearing Rachel speak (and meeting her! Writing/theology fangirl moment in full effect) at Lake Junaluska. I'm so glad I went.

Memoir workshop. I'm back to my monthly memoir workshop at the local university, and it's great as usual. I'm in a class with a crop of folks I don't know as well which is exciting, and I can already tell their work is phenomenal. Plus, it's really helpful to have their feedback since I'm sending in creative work regularly for my MFA. Intergenerational writing workshops have been one of my favorite and most enriching discoveries over the last several years.

When stress comes to an end (for a moment). The end of last week week felt insane. Graduate work and job work to complete, waiting for my wedding dress to be delivered, stressing about how much of the future isn't figured out (good ol' closure)... On Friday, the last day of February, my body was just tense all day. But then, as the day went on, things slowly wound down. Work slowly got done. I booked a last-minute massage. (Treat. Yo. Self.) My dress arrived (bless that UPS man at 9 o'clock on a Friday night - "I knew someone would want this!" he said with a smile). And then my favorite person walked through the door with yellow daisies, three years to the day that he first brought me yellow daisies and we started on this adventure.

I revel in these moments of contentment, and I am grateful.

That's it for my February celebrations, but I have to live vicariously for a second. My friend Anna, who is living in London this year, met Rupert Grint last week. (!!!!!) The photos below prove that a) I know her, b) she met him, and therefore, by some transitive property (the way this English major/Harry Potter nerd does math), I am way more connected to Rupert Grint than I was before. (Okay, thanks for humoring me, I just think this is too cool. Miss you, ARC! xx)

Happy March, everyone!

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