Sunday, February 02, 2014

What I loved in January.

My first graduate school residency at Goddard College: MFA, here I come! Fun and fascinating people, delicious local food, interesting lectures and workshops, and my first venture into negative temperatures (see above)... I'm excited to go back in June for some warmer weather!

Davidson basketball: There's nothing quite like leaving January cold for a couple of hours and retreating to the warmth of Belk Arena and its wonderful folks. Conference play has been fun so far, especially our beatdown of Chattanooga the other night. Tourney time is just around the corner!

Writing: Well, given that I'm now in an MFA program, there's been a lot of writing - not as much on the blog, but a lot of new Word docs saved on my laptop with titles like "draft," "draft again," "draft random," etc. Trying to hold on to a perfect Anne Lamott tweet from last week: "A Shitty First Draft is like two hours into tackling a nightmarish closet or garage. Your messes, mistakes + craziness show -- but you're IN. & worst is over." May the SFD-ing continue...

How the Light Gets In: My friend Elizabeth, who works at St. Martin's Press, introduced me to Louise Penny's mystery novels several years ago, and I love them. Her most recent one doesn't disappoint. Go buy it! (And she's lovely to follow on Facebook.)

Awards shows: Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Grammys... Always fun. Also, Amy + Tina for everything, ever, the end.  

Catching up: I got to have great catch up phone/Skype dates with some of my favorite ladies this month. From Boston to Austin, Nashville to Atlanta, it made me grateful for kindred spirits.

High school reunions: Two unexpected meals with two high school friends I haven't seen in YEARS = so much fun. (And crazystrange, because y'all, high school was awhile ago. How did that happen?)

School of the Spirit: I just had my fourth of five spiritual formation retreats - it's hard to believe the year has gone so fast! I truly love the group of pastors and church leaders that I've had the privilege to worship, talk and laugh with this year. This most recent retreat felt like going home to old friends - which, by now, it is. Plus, out-of-this-world meals. Plus, watching the snow start out the large bay windows of the farmhouse. Yeah.

Snow day: Speaking of wintry precipitation, we got an unexpected day off in the middle of the week. I stayed in my bathrobe, didn't open the front door all day, wrote and ate... 

...Peanut butter cookies: These, to be precise. My fiancé has made a couple of batches, and they are deeeelish. More in February, please!

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Leigh Kramer said...

Your MFA program sounds heavenly. As do those peanut butter cookies.

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