Monday, October 21, 2013

26 things to do before I turn 27.

Cheers to 26!

1. Finish applying to graduate school - preferably in the next 10 days - and if accepted, begin!

2. Set aside time to journal five days a week. Avoid avoidance.

3. There are 5 rooms in my house; set a schedule for cleaning one room each day during the week.

4. Submit more pieces of writing to various publications.

5. Visit friends in NYC. And a reach: Visit my friend in London. Gah, I'd love it! (Better yet: Pass my Apparition test.)

6. Do a quarterly clean-out of clothing and any other excess stuff, and donate what I don't need/use.

7. Make a vision board.

8. Hold simplicity and peace close to my heart while wedding planning. For example, if scrolling through Pinterest makes me hyperventilate, don't do it!

9. Visit at least one new state.

10. Do at least two different types of exercise weekly. Right now I'm doing yoga and spin.

11. Keep better account of my grocery shopping/spending, and strive not to waste. Cooking for one, I will not miss you.

12. Hear/meet one of my writing/blogging mentors. I'm already signed up to see Rachel Held Evans this winter!

13. Spend one or more Saturdays doing a Habitat build.

14. Write letters, make calls, keep in better touch with deep-hearted, long-distance friendships.

15. If the opportunity arises, I'd love to do another engagement photo shoot. I did one last year for two friends and had a ball. Or any kind of photo shoot, really.

16. My friend Katherine came up with such a neat (and portable!) prayer practice: She went to Michael's and bought gift tags and a big key ring. She's written the names of the folks she wants to pray for, one on each tag, and goes through them as often as she can. I'd like to do something similar.

17. Strive for more compassion, less gossip.

18. A repeat from last year but always good: Try new recipes. Reading Shauna Niequist's Bread and Wine is inspiring me!

19. Another repeat from last year: Read 25 + new books.

20. I found that going gluten-free and dairy-free for about 6 weeks this fall really gave me more energy, and has helped to lessen my heartburn. I'm back into my regular eating habits now, but I think that for me, this might be something to do at least a couple of times each year, to recharge and reenergize.

21. When someone makes me happy - for whatever reason - tell them.

22. Begin to better address my tendency toward anxiety and irrational worry. I find that this is happening more frequently, often in situations that just don't warrant it. Ironically, I think my excitement about the future makes the "what ifs" bubble to the surface at a faster pace. Whether it's talking to someone, journaling, or practicing breathing/prayer/meditation, I want to find ways to counteract this unhealthy pattern.

23. Support bloggers/writers that I enjoy by buying and reading their books.

24. Maintain my fairly regular practice of unplugging on the weekends - but don't beat myself up if I'm not perfect about it. During basketball season, I know I'll be tweeting on Saturdays. It is what it is.

25. Educate myself about local candidates and VOTE.

26. In the midst of transitions and decisions, savor the people and moments that ground me.

Any other October/autumn birthdays out there? Any particular hopes or dreams for the next year? 


Ann K said...

I have a friend who swears that Pinterest was the worst thing that happened to her planning a wedding. She just finally swore off of it!

Grace said...

Yes! I don't have wedding planning experience but it's all starting to look the same out there. Go with your gut and remember the day is about the two of you not being in a wedding magazine. I love this post! I need to get back into blogging.