Tuesday, August 06, 2013

What matters.

The other day, my boyfriend said, "Last night I dreamed that we were supposed to go to a wedding, but we overslept and missed the whole thing!"

And I said, "Huh. That's weird. I dreamed we went to a wedding in China."

So. Apparently Wedding Season even reaches the depths of REM sleep. 

This has been my third Wedding Season summer, and I think I've got it down pat by now, the logistics process as familiar as going through the airport security line when I studied abroad:

Passport, boarding pass, belt off, laptop out.

RSVP, plane ticket/gas money, hotel reservations, new dress. (Modcloth has, for better or worse, increased the supposed "necessity" of that last one.)

Whether you're a bride/groom, a member of the wedding party or a photographer, planning comes first, your brain takes over, everything needs to get done. This summer, I've folded napkins, ripped petals off flowers (a.k.a. the popping-bubble-wrap of Wedding Season), set up centerpieces, made signs, scouted the location for official photos and posed for official photos. And most folks involved in these weddings did WAY more than that. But it really has given me a sense of the scope of the day (and the days prior): This stuff takes time, and dedication, and effort. The attention to detail is amazing, and the love behind it even more so.

It's been a gift to see two pairs of best friends get married this summer, relationships I was privileged to watch grow in college. I've loved seeing friends come together from our scattered points on the globe because these people mean something to us. It's been moving, fun, and yes, a bit of a time warp to sit and laugh with the brides in the hour before they walk out. We could just as easily be in a dorm lounge on a Friday night except for the whole white dress thing. But there's more to it than that: There is a poise to them now, a fresh radiance as they wait for the moment.

Then there is the moment itself. Or the moments, because these ceremonies have been so full.

The songs. The vows. The tears. The voices. The chuckles. The cheers.

Each ceremony, each celebration has been different. One after another, we've marveled: From location to style to Scriptures to guestbook, the three weddings we've experienced this summer have looked nothing alike.

Except for what matters.

They've each had a spirit of worship. A spirit of hope. A sense that the bonding of these two individuals will increase the world's good. A sense that we, these gathered witnesses, stand on holy ground.

The songs. The vows. The tears. The voices. The chuckles. The cheers. 

And because of that, it's not a Wedding Season I'll soon forget.

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