Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Back to Making Gratitude Lists...

... And it's a very good thing.

Getting to know a friend better over lunch, swapping stories, fears, joys, questions.

Reveling in the pair of mallard ducks making the backyard their home.

Walking under green trees still dripping with rainwater and sunlight and watch the steam rise on the cooling streets.

Eating pita bread with white bean dip and salty garlicky French fries and saying farewell to friends heading on to their next adventure.

Doing consecutive standing climbs in spin class and that glorious feeling when you're clean from the shower and such a good tired and dinner is cooking.

Reading new books and letting the words and characters and beauty soak in.

Listening to kids brag to their mom about how they almost fell off their bike, almost, but they didn't!

Hearing stories from friends and family, on the phone, in writing, voices and history and hope and gratitude ringing, feeling a part of something even from far away.

Pushing arms and legs and head underwater and moving forward, back and forth, up and down, coming up for breath, savoring the whoosh of splashing cleansing all-encompassing water.

Speaking with the grocery store cashier, giving thanks and putting away food, the magic-sweet taste of watermelon. 

Losing, for a sliver of time, the fears of what-if and not-good-enough and why-on-earth-would-you, and simply writing, willing and moving words to push the story through. 

Planning for adventures, travels and reunions, making lists and building anticipation.

Giving thanks for passing storms, for moments of clarity, for

Seeing the happy face of such a loved one coming up the front steps.

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