Sunday, May 05, 2013

The simplest little list.

I'm thankful for:

Laughing with friends so hard we hyperventilate;

Good and simple food like homemade bread, okra, pears, chicken pie, sugar snap peas, molasses cookies, strawberries and cream;

Walks with my favorite, through the children-peppered parks and the tunnels of old southern oaks;

Texts and calls to family far away but close in heart;

Folks to laugh and chat with in your car when you make a long car ride home in the dark;

Singing hymns with great courage;

The sounds of the dishwasher and the dryer, calming in repetition, comfort in clean and dry;

The handsome rabbit I sometimes spot amid my wild weeds;

Friends who pray for you as you embark on adventures, or in the everyday;

The way my kitchen windows steam when I'm cooking on the stove;

Sitting and listening long enough to hear someone else's story;

Anticipation of reunions and celebrations and spring awakenings;

A comfy chair, and blankets, and even a stalwart teddy bear;

The fogginess of tomorrow and the brightness of this moment mixed to make our lives.

* Your turn. Tell me what you're thankful for these days - or even simply today, this moment.

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