Monday, April 08, 2013

Thankful? On a Monday?! Why yes indeed.

It hardly ever happens that there comes a Monday when my primary way of being isn't just a little bitter that, well, it's Monday again, but today, my overwhelming emotion is gratitude. And it's not for any particular reason, it's not my birthday or a holiday or any special occasion where those feelings of thankfulness often bubble up - maybe it is a dose of the spring weather we've long awaited - but mainly, it's simply the simple.

I give thanks for a family of strong supporters with big laughs, and love that comes across even over the phone. I rejoice in a partner who helps me breathe slower and deeper, humors my somewhat humorous elements, and cooks delicious meals with such care. I'm grateful for a job at a place that I believe in, surrounded by kind and funny people, and extra food. I am grateful to folks - some good friends, some acquaintances, some social media connections - who are willing to talk with me about their vocations and thoughts about writing and the world as I make my way in it, even if they don't know me well. I'm filled with excitement thinking about the summer coming, and loved ones and loved places and new adventures all whirling together. I'm glad to have found a gym of encouragement and friends, and for health. I am thankful for food, simple foods that I have rediscovered like cheese and grapes and honey, and jasmine tea with almond milk. I sing praise for the roof that covers me, and for the God that covers even more than that.

What are you thankful for, this Monday, this moment, this week, this spring?

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