Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Night at the HUB.

I’ll tell you why I felt at home at the HUB.

This new worship service meets at 7:00 p.m. Sunday evenings in First United Methodist’s Founders Hall. It’s a partnership between First and Myers Park United Methodist churches. The HUB is an acronym for Honest, United, Broken. It doesn’t seek to mirror Elevation, Charlotte’s prominent, contemporary, multi-campus mega-church. The folks who planned the service crafted this vision: Something fresh for people who want to get real with God and with each other. That vision came to life on April 7, the HUB’s first service. That vision, incarnate, made me feel at home.
So, what does it mean to get real with God and with each other?...

Read the rest of my article on the HUB over at the Western North Carolina Conference website, and check out the service's Facebook page here.

On April 21, the third gathering of the HUB, we took turns spray painting a large canvas with words that represent what we grieve most in our lives. At the end of the service, we placed it behind this beautiful carving. Grief, transformed.

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