Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoughts from Lent, week one.

Here are some thoughts, memories and links from the first week of Lent 2013.

A thought-provoking Ash Wednesday sermon from my friend Michelle, urging us to put down our own shrill, constant trumpets and listen for God. 

Candles. The warmth and light and comfort and fragrance they bring (sweet cream and honey!). I've been lighting them when I read/pray with...

A Book of Hours, a book of Thomas Merton writings compiled into prayers for dawn, day, dusk and dark. I marvel at his poetry, the gorgeous images and thoughts he brings to my mind and heart. And it means a lot to sit down for even five minutes, light a candle, breathe in and out and speak words of hope and gratitude.

Eating simply: more fruits, more vegetables. (Grapes! Edamame! Mom made kale chips!)

Valentine's gift swap with my love: molasses cookies for yellow daisies. Win-win. (And Valentine spin class before that. We've had Halloween spin, holiday spin, now this, and coming up, March Madness spin - which is actually every spin class for me, since I am not wanting for Davidson basketball t-shirts.)

A great weekend with my dearest mom visiting, with the added coziness of an afternoon spent watching an unexpected thundersnow blow in from my big front window.

Two basketball victories in Charleston. 

Good conversations about writing.

Blithely pretending all is happy and beautiful in Downtonland.

A really good talk with my so-special grandfather. 

Thinking more about prayer, which has led to more active prayer.

My blog turned eleven, and I was enriched and blessed by these marvelous bloggers: 

Sarah Osborne: Retreat  (We grew up down the street from each other, but this is the first time I've gotten to read her writing. Beautiful.)

George Mason: The Astonishing Hope in Death (Faith and Leadership blog)

Anna Murdock: "It's All Right, Sweetie": Another Moment of Grace

Holly Grantham: To Come With Hands Free (on SheLoves magazine)

And this wonderful video that you should really take the four minutes to watch: 

40: A Video of Jesus in the Wilderness

I'd love to hear from you: what stood out in your first week of Lent, or your week in general?

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