Saturday, February 02, 2013

What I Loved In January

Friends in town for the Davidson game
1. Reunions. There were so many people I love in town for a variety of reasons. My dad came up for the Davidson/Duke game, as did a lot of other college friends. I loved being in Bobcats Arena knowing that I have shared so many memories with countless people who were also there. I also got to see my dearest freshman roommate for the first time since graduation.

2. Toast and tea. I got a toaster for Christmas (thanks, parents!) and it has been a lovely addition to my kitchen. The joy of toast and butter (and sometimes honey) and a mug of tea is a winter necessity.

Vision board 2013
3. Making my vision board for the year. This is a workshop that Rosie leads each year, and I've done it twice now. It sits on my desk and it just makes me happy. Plus, it really quenches my creative thirst when I make one.

4. Downton Abbey. It's become a January/February tradition for us to eagerly await the U.S. launch of the show and watch on Sunday nights. Except after last week... It sure won't be the same. I'm in denial. *Sob.* Also, our tradition of Downton dessert. We make one to eat while we watch. It's often these molasses cookies from Last week, it was Orangette's magnificent almond cake. And let's face it, I feel very British drinking tea (normally this kind for Downton - my boyfriend bought it for me last winter, and now I can't drink it without hearing the opening theme) and eating some kind of sweet.

More basketball fun and friends
5. Think Like Jesus - a collection of posts that our senior pastor has done this month, on how to live faithfully in everything from going to the grocery store to checking Facebook. Honest and human, they really make you think.

6. Davidson basketball. Need I say more? Already excited for the conference tournament in Asheville.

7. The women's retreat I went on last weekend - it was wonderful!

8. Les Miserables and Skyfall. Anne Hathaway and Judi Dench, I love you both. (And on that note, how about the Golden Globes? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rock.)

Steep Canyon Rangers
9. Two concerts in one week: Steep Canyon Rangers and Gaelic Storm. I've been a Gaelic Storm fan since eighth grade (originally because they were the party band in Titanic, but then I actually listened to their kickass music), and saw them in concert about 6 years ago. Last night's concert was great, too - and Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger are hilarious. Steep Canyon... damn. Incredible. SEE THEM if they're anywhere near you.

Gaelic Storm

10. Last but certainly not least, perhaps the best part of January has been getting up early (with little to no groaning) to blog and putter around before work. Definitely a habit I plan on keeping. It's amazing how less anxious I feel when I don't have to rush around after getting up late.

Your turn: What were your favorite parts of January?

(Thanks to my friend/mentor Rosie for this idea!)

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