Friday, January 18, 2013

Warmth, attention, cutting slack.

Natural light!
The snow (or #snomg) that wasn't threw me off from my morning writing routine today, but I'm almost glad to be writing at night tonight because it's the quiet cozy end of a week that has felt unending. The word "interminable" was thrown around a lot whenever it came up in conversation. Gray skies, bitter rain... Jessie and I trudged the couple of blocks from her house to Belk Arena last night for the game, the rain pelting us from all sides until I dropped my dripping umbrella in despair and let it hit me head on. We moaned and groaned and extolled ourselves for being such marvelous, drowned rat drenched fans. By the time we made it into the blessedly warm chlorine popcorn smelling lobby that I love, my hands were numb and yet hot, my glasses were bejeweled with droplets and I looked like I'd just finished swim practice. That evening of enveloping warmth, of community, was much-needed, and so was the sunshine that followed today. It amazes me how much better my day is when I don't have to turn on the too-bright light in my office because the light is streaming through the windows. I feel warmed, organic, whole, savoring its shine as I type Scripture and hum hymns.

One sweet doggie face -
And another!
I've been busy this week. I've talked to a lot of people, which I really love, but on this Friday night looking back, I feel drained. I'm still learning how to handle myself this year, the goals I've set for myself and the ways to prioritize them. My word for the year is ATTENTION, and I think it's a good one. I want to be attentive to the right things, the people I care about, the creative ventures I want to pursue. I want to spend my time thoughtfully, I want to listen. And I want to know when to cut myself some slack when I need it. So that's why tonight, instead of dashing to the gym or cooking up an ambitious dinner, I took a nap until 7:15, put some ravioli on to boil and curled up to watch Seinfeld and Sex in the City. I FaceTimed with my parents (sometimes I still can't believe stuff like that exists) and they put the screen right up to our dogs' sweet little faces (see the photos) and I wished I could smell their small warm paws. Like my other posts this week, I've been considering how we think about different days of the week, and it's wonderful to have Friday to fall into like deep clean sheets.

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