Friday, January 25, 2013

Peace shines through

In the midst of stress, do you ever slip suddenly into a moment where you are not freaked out, and you know that all will be well?

I had one of those yesterday, walking from my office to somewhere else in the building. It was fleeting, but I did feel it, as if I could look past everything fighting for control in my mind and all my fears about getting everything done, and see the future. Well, I couldn't see the future really - but I could see past my present, my boggeddownness, and I could picture what is coming next. I could imagine checking everything off my to-do list, someway somehow, and moving on. I could remind myself that my stress isn't forever, hallelujah. And that helped me keep going through a day of jumping from one thing to the next. I was still overwhelmed, but my breaths came a little easier. I chipped away. I sent prayers to my loved ones. All because of one moment when I remembered our college mantra: it all gets done.

But I remembered more than that, I think - I remembered God, too. And I remembered that sometimes peace really does surpass all understanding, even for a fleeting moment.

I wrote: I am very stressed today. But just a minute ago I felt something like peace, for only a few moments, thinking towards the future or the fact that it will all get done and with God's help it will all have been safe and calming and good.

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