Monday, January 14, 2013

Even on Monday.

Another Monday morning after a weekend of cozy moments... Descending back into winter weather after two blessed days of spring.

It ain't easy.

I'm already making to-do lists in my head. Buy stamps... bread... e-mail x, y and z, pay these bills. What should I take to work for lunch? When I get to work, I'll do the same prep, look at my calendar, start in on the week's projects. Then spin, to go or not to go?... But of course I'll go, because it warms my muscles and I always laugh in the midst of our quirky little inter-generational exercise family and after six months, I'm a "regular," which reminds me that I've accomplished the epic feat of no longer feeling in some way intimidated when I go to the gym.

I feel off-kilter (can you tell?), the way a Monday always comes, re-jolting me into the world of schedules, and this week I know gray skies will come and when I walk outside I'll be cold again. It's how it is this time of year. It still gets dark early and I long for the days when the sun will slide slowly down the drain of the sky and dusky oranges and pinks will last for hours. But it will come, sooner than it feels, rolling closer with each passing day.

But these cold wintry days bring blessings, too. Hot tea and crock pot food and tree branch shadows and college basketball. And as I slowly wake on this Monday morning (you're reading this slow waking, if you couldn't tell, as my mind floats languidly, trying to pin down a point - I'm still getting used to early morning blogging), I feel my breath and muscles come more to life. My eyes are wider, adjusted to the light. Time to make some tea.

New beginnings are small, but everywhere. Even on Monday.

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