Friday, December 07, 2012

Advent 1.6

Here are two essays I've read today on peace (both came to my attention through Duke Divinity's Faith and Leadership newsletter):

- "Practice Advent as a season of preparation" by G. Sujin Pak

- "What is Peace?" by Margaret Paxson

Both are worth reading. Also, I found my new favorite cooking blog, which while not being specifically centered around peace, makes me feel peaceful just reading it. (And quite hungry.)

Advent Week 1 is winding down. A week of countless moments and emotions. I chuckled with delight when preschoolers came by my office and one tossed something in my trash can. I discussed my health with my doctor. I sang loudly on at least five different occasions (Christmas songs, of course. But during Advent... oops!). I shed some tears. I ate good food. I vented disappointment and frustration to a friend. I bellowed and shrieked at a very exciting (very heartbreaking) game, and savored my community there. I embraced loved ones. I sat on my mat during yoga and breathed deeply and rocked back and forth. I pedaled hard on my bike during spin and my mind filled up with the joy of movement. I called my family. I wrote words. I talked to God and tried to listen. And so much more that has passed through my consciousness and life and heart. There is more to come, and I am thankful.

Lord, grant me awareness of my life's moments, that I may not jump into the future or rewind through the past, but live now, and well, and relish it.

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