Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Today, I am craving waterfalls. That feeling of being surrounded and sprayed, and sleazy oozing slow sweat whetted with strong cold clear drops that come and come and come, anchored yet floating. Slap, sip, saturate.

Today, I am craving communities. Places that have melted and marked me, people that have molded me, and songs that have slipped sweetly down my throat, like my favorite drink. Exhale, embrace, exhilarate.  

Today, I am craving wildness. Fields that I have never wandered, food that I have never tasted, the chances to travel and run, to live within sunrises, to test myself, to cross oceans again. Fresh, flesh, fortitude. 

Today, I am craving vulnerability. To crack open, to spill, to speak and slip and fall, to fight fear with faith and spite with spirit, to fill and be filled with this calm of wild, water-pounding love. Marrow, motion, magnitude. 

Today, I am craving waterfalls. 


Ann K said...

I absolutely love this. I am printing it and putting it on the refrigerator as a prayer. (And being on the refrigerator in our house is a compliment.)

Ann K said...

I love this! I am printing it out and putting it on the refrigerator as a prayer for each day. (And being on the refrigerator is a really big compliment in our house!)