Friday, November 04, 2011

jump around

Hey, November 4th. Long time no see.

BASKETBALL starts tomorrow.

Yeah. DAVIDSON basketball.

I'm so thrown off that it's suddenly late enough in the year for it to be time for warm popcorn brass band Belk. I'm weirded out by the fact that most of my peers REALLY won't be there this time, having either graduated or gone abroad. I find it hard to believe that this starts my sixth season of caring about this team. And most of all, I'm hoping that I can get back on the writing/blogging/pen and paper-horse in a big way after several months of feeling dry and out of it. I'm hoping it can be meaningful. And good. And fresh.

Sometimes it seems like you could think -- well, it's the same thing, another season's begun, what more can you say? I don't believe that could ever be true. Yes, there are wonderfully cyclical elements to it (win some lose some, so good so good) but it will always be new, it will always be different. There will always be stories.

And, as always, they'll probably end up here. Consider this a rusty start.

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