Thursday, January 27, 2011

yes life

Yes it is 1:30 AM
yes there was a game tonight and yes on my cold bright sunset drive up I talked to Ann in her car our voices echoing from AL to NC telling stories asking questions yes of course I'm going to the game. What kind of question is that? Jessie texted while I ate dinner at S & K's house and yes when I got to the arena I put my hands on her shoulders and Carrie's too yes there was a game and yes we lost again yes again yes it sucks yes it's hard to watch and yes at one timeout I saw Brendan's face as he came off the bench slapping hands proud eyes set jaw and yes I thought the parts are there now become the whole yes we stayed till the end yes we clapped and the boys waved back yes the story will keep going yes this will not always be stagnant yes Morgan and I sat in the endzone as everyone packed up and cleared out yes we went to Brickhouse yes it was still crowded yes everyone greeted and hugged and hand-shook and yes we keep asking why and what and how yes we rehashed plays and problems and things that worked yes we laughed and yes Dave Matthews Band's "Ants Marching" played with that pulsepounding fiddle solo yes the fries were salty and when we left the wind was blowing yes I went to dessert night yes my friends are my friends are my friends yes that is the same yes my brothers and my sisters yes we sit around cackling with heads resting on each other's shoulders yes we are turning over turning around turning into something new and yes we are still here (and yes here = not a place but a state of mind) yes I took some cupcakes home yes I called Daddy as I meandered down midnight 77 yes he calls the Wildcats "we" because that's what they are yes I sang strong and loud to "walking in memphis" "half of my heart" "samson" songs that are mysterious and deep to me and slide down my throat like mellow honey yes I took quick glances at the sparkling city skyline yes I put the cupcakes in the fridge yes I had a package of books from Elizabeth waiting at my door yes I will wake up in five hours and go teach memoir for an hour to 11-year-old girls who are just learning what this gift of words can do for them yes I will do that I will help things will happen
Yes it is 1:45 AM.

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