Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just throwin' it out there

To: Y'all.
From: Me.

I'm mulling an idea in my head and would love some feedback.

If you couldn't tell from reading these late night musings, I'm still intrigued, frustrated, curious, and excited about this whole being-out-of-college thing. I've had multiple conversations recently with classmates and other recent graduates of the non-Davidson persuasion about how we're dealing with it and what we have on our plates and what scares us, makes us happy, what questions we have. I feel like, depending on where you are and who you're with during this time of transition, you may have a really decent support system, or you may not have much of one. At least for me, it's certainly not as concrete (yet?) as the supportive and energetic community at Exit 30.

My random, very vague, not-yet-well-formed thought: a young alumni literary magazine. Primarily non-fic (but creative variations on this genre) about what we're experiencing right now, employed or unemployed or interns or traveling or teaching or WHAT.EVER. Nothing off limits. Hell, my first thought is a Davidson alumni lit mag, but really, that could be expanded too -- any recent grads who wanted to contribute?

The excellent point has been made that an online version would be best, at least as a beginning; a group blog, or some other type of forum? I have no idea how many people, if any, would be interested in contributing writing/artwork (after all, life continues to be quite busy after college -- whodathunk?), but I think that whatever came out of it would make for an incredibly interesting piece of work. I've gotten the sense that we are currently in a demographic that doesn't get much press except to be pitied for graduating into a shit economy, and there's more to us than that.

So out of my head and onto the web... thoughts welcome, from all ages.

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Moriah said...

yes. yes, yes, yes.