Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adding up to full

I'm trying to think of what to write tonight (see, I'm following through on my promise to write more frequently. This is going to happen!) and I kind of feel stuck. I have several thoughts (yes, several) floating in my head and they may not be kind enough to organize themselves in presentable form before I need to go to sleep. So for now, a paragraph of thanks.

I am grateful for days when I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and people trust me to do it. I am grateful when Tabitha and I call to each other across the very small hallway that connects our offices and I am grateful when we laugh. I am grateful for days when I feel articulate even about the most inarticulate things (life decisions? hm what?) and for people who come along with ideas and encouragement. I am grateful for driving in my car, NPR, and singing really loudly. I am grateful for learning how streets connect, for forging new routes. I am grateful for grocery shopping -- whole grain bread, chicken, almonds, tea, chocolate chips, yogurt, several different brands of microwave dinners -- and going home to stock the fridge. I am grateful that the sunlight is growing slowly heartier as the month speeds at a fast clip. I am grateful for pay day. I am grateful for new friends and finding connections and strength through the stretch and struggle. I am grateful for a huge half-moon spilling light on the street and the mug of tea next to me labeled "breathe easy."



Ann K said...

I am so glad you are writing again here. You have such a gift and a unique perspective on things. You are on my RSS feed. :)

Mike McCabe said...

Follow your dreams now. If you wait, you'll come up with even more excuses not to follow them.