Sunday, February 28, 2010

too much at once

Ahhhhh emotional rolllllllllercoaster!
Double overtime
3 seconds
2 seconds
1 second

AHHHHHHHHH WHY WAS I ONLY LISTENING TO IT?! WHY WAS I NOT THERE? I WANT TO BE THERE! Morgan and I facebook chatted the whole game and his $5 video feed was behind Kilgo and so when it happened (and I could barely tell WHAT happened Kilgo just screamed and didn't say anything for about 5 seconds) I wrote "okay you have to call me in a minute" and my phone immediately rang and we yelled and exclaimed and were speechless for all of 5 minutes and then I called Lindsay who was THERE and Michael was texting and David too and Joe facebooked "uh-- what just happened?" (and I could barely explain it!) and WOW!!

I have not packed for West Virginia. At all. My laundry is in the dryer. We leave in 8 hours. Technically I have an application to finish before then. We will not have cell or internet. We will miss Friday's SoCon Elon-Davidson rematch. NOOOOOOOOO. I might have to drive 25 miles to get service and call Morgan or Michael to find out what happened. I reallllllllllllllly just want to be there.

I want it all I want it all I want to be everywhere at once! So many people I want to see and spend time with in different places -- I am SO excited to spend a week with my beloved MCFers laughing and working and having jam sessions. And I can't wait to get back on Saturday and (hopefully) go see the 'Cats and then go see Steph with my '08 boys and the rest of Davidson College and the Charlotte metro area and go to Brickhouse and see DCats people and OH it's going to be an epic seven days filled with people that I love.

I am proud, so proud of them. For getting it done when it seemed un-doable, for fighting back, for pulling this community in from all corners. I was alone screaming in my apartment but I was absolutely not alone. Keep it going Davidson College 'Cats. You are our team. Keep it going. You are our team. Nothing is ever certain. Anything is possible.

Hm, do we think that this can be my essay for a Christian nonprofit internship in DC? No? Too hyped up? Dang.

See y'all Saturday!

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