Tuesday, February 23, 2010

early morning

Just went to my last ticket pick-up for a men's basketball game as a student at Davidson College (ENDZONE, GENERAL ADMISSION).

Y'know, I'm not going to try and undo the losses and frustrations on this end of the season -- they've happened (as recently as last night), it's hard, argharghargh I wish we were doing better, I hope our confidence isn't shot. I don't know what will happen at SoCon.

But all I can think is -- you just keep on keepin' on. My heart's going to be in a weird place tomorrow night (think several inches up, like in my throat) for a lot of reasons and it would be exactly the same if we'd gone undefeated this season. Davidson has had a basketball team for one hundred and two years, and it's not going to quit. The joy and disappointment and elation and pride will stand stalwart as the story goes on and on, the seasons move forward, more people join in. It spreads every year, you know, every day even; this name becomes an image becomes sounds/smells/people becomes meaning. That arena has slammed so much of it together into home for me. And for that, I am still sometimes pleasantly surprised and amused, and always unbelievably grateful.

Sorry if this is at all incoherent -- 7:45 AM, foggy Tuesday.

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Splinter Faction said...

Claire, I'm looking forward to your comments on Senior Night. As I was preparing to head out for the game, I wondered about your feelings about this transitional moment.