Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ahhhh I can't even begin.

Reuniting with everyone for second semester at Davidson. The inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Rooming with Sarahbelle. Camping out for basketball tickets. Watching the 'Cats. Midnight snowman-building behind Commons! Green Ball '09. DESSERT NIGHTS. MCF Spring Retreat '09 ("Granny said that was a bad idea!"). Frolics, lake campus and sno-cones with Dev and Sarah. Sunday breakfasts with SarahCoffey. Barefoot formal! The fantastic last week of spring semester-- homemade ice cream at the ecohouse, dinner at David's house, Summit/"You've Got Mail," baking at Sarah's apartment and ecohouse party, Beer Truck, graduation and lunch afterwards. RICHMOND! RichmondRichmondRichmond. The wonderful and amazing GPPC. Indigo Girls, Pony Pastures, so many incredible people, Carytown, 4th of July, watching the NBA Draft, my family coming to visit, preaching, learning to drive around the city without getting lost, and really finding a family. Going to DC to visit Carrie AND getting to see Mike, Tory, and Joe. Driving to Springfield to visit David. First night back at Davidson in senior apartments, seeing everyone again and telling old stories. Brickhouse on Thursdays. My Hart101 girls. Beloved MCF & WCW. My wonderful memoir seminar, the people in it, and the work I've produced because of it. A fantastic weekend visiting with Kruse, Cobb, and WR, re-realizing the joy of the Davidson family. Working on The Davidson Project, which has given me so many new connections and has helped me do what I've always wanted to do -- write what's important to me and have people read it and find meaning in it. Dessert Nights! Davidson soccer beating Duke. Charleston for fall break with such a good crowd. "Friends" with friends. So many October birthday parties! Best birthday at Davidson no doubt -- carrot cake and pumpkin bread and my name on the wall and jazz and hot wine and hot chocolate and my dearest friends. Red&Black Ball '09. Epic Dinners and the Epic Crew -- RJSJMC -- prank wars, minstreling, puddlesplashing and rosebushpushing, meteor/cloud-watching, onesies, Christmas in Davidson, gingerbread Commons, Love Actually, Rob's "surprise" party, 3 hour dessert nights, The Colony... seeing junior abroad folks again! Watching this Wildcat team begin to gel, being a part of this season that's wonderfully uncertain and FUN because you know what? We go out there, we play to win, we are a good team, and we're there in that cozy little arena and on that message board because we don't want to be anywhere else. Coming up for the game with Dad this week and seeing Sarah, Sarah, Grace, David, Kate, Kruse and DavidsonCats folks (a wonderful day that I will elaborate on soon).

Ohhhh people really are the best thing about life. Cheers '09, and hello new decade of godknowswhat.

Joyful joyful.


Splinter Faction said...

Wow. That makes me want to be a student again. Sometimes looking back I wonder if I enjoyed it as much as I should have, if I took advantage of all that was offered. It sounds like you did, and that's good.

Mike McCabe said...

Seriously. Key word: Nostalgia!