Saturday, November 07, 2009

November 7, 2007

Okay, today it's official official: BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!

We lounge in the endzone on this first night, watch the Lenoir-Rhyne Bears warm up on the court, chatter and joke and listen to the noise voices feet people pouring in kids running around.


"So did y'all see--"

"It's due tomorrow night, I don't know if--"

"Wait wait wait, what did he say?"

"I mean it's just--"


"Hey y'all--"

A new noise buzzhummingbuzzhumming and we quit, feet hitting the ground.

A rumbling from the rafters.

Row by row seat by seat standing muttering building up the whole place folks with canes kids bouncing on the balls of their little feet hands swaying and we hear it because we know what to listen for disjointed guitar chords barely there blending with the buzz unrecognizable until one loud rock-heavy strum and we know we know and now music soars over us and everyone screams we see them waiting downstairs in the shadows the bass keeps revving up go go going going and the drums kick in bambambambambambambambam--

"Laaaaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen--"




Claire Asbury said...

[Note: I just figured out how to add the title bit. After eight years. Wow I'm intelligent.]

grub-z said...

This is awesome, Claire. Made me feel like I was really there :)