Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things I miss about Richmond (I figure all the people are obviously a given):

Ukrops paninis and mini chocolate chip cookies
The little beeping noise in the office
2-hour staff lunches discussing the pros/cons of dog ownership
The big stone cross in my office window
The back parking lot behind Richmond Hall
The breezeway
Montana Gold chicken salad sandwiches
Stir Crazy pumpkin chai lattes (and cream cheese bagels and Newport sandwiches...)
Having to use googlemaps nearly every day
Watching "The Bachelorette" with Ann
Watching "Make it or Break it" on ABCF
Pony Pastures
Eleanor's kitchen (with peach tea and cookies)
Samsonox (and maybe his red bird, a tad)
For the Love of Chocolate homemade dark chocolate peppermint patties
Shaking hands at the end of services
Elijah's phone calls
Talking about Harry Potter with Deborah
5-minute artisan bread
The botanical gardens
Singing on my way to work (You Belong With Me, Here in Your Arms, and Forever are current favorites)
Random people coming into the office
Responsive songs during worship
Westminster Canterbury trips
Bottoms Up
Boaz and Ruth's chicken Caesar salad... holy smokes so good.

There are many more, I'm sure. And yes, I realize that a lot of these have to do with food.

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