Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 1:

On this, my ninth day in Richmond, I am sitting in my bare little office (yes, I have my own office...) typing on a laptop that is not mine because mine decided to go blank on me on Sunday. Thanks for that, O Loyal Laptop. This one belongs to the church and many of the keys are sticky, including the "I" and "D," which could be problematic because both of those are needed to spell "Richmond."


It has been a busy first week-- a new place to drive through and try not to get lost (I haven't), many new people to meet so it sometimes feels like I have a smile permanently pasted on, projects to be in charge of, books to read, beliefs to project, being me in a bunch of new. It's different than the beginning of England, because I was never by myself there; there were always new people with me, we were always new and American together. Here, I've entered a community that was already in place before I arrived. On my second night, after Dad had left and new emails filled my inbox, I had this slight inward panic attack of-- "what the HELL am I doing here? I don't know anything! About this city, about God, about what I am supposed to do here... I'm just a college kid getting paid to be naive and figure stuff out. What right do I have to be here? This is absolutely absurd!"

Thankfully, that feeling left, but I won't be surprised at all if it shows up again at some point in the next seven weeks.

Dad and I reached Raleigh on Friday night, after six hours of my ipod's best golden oldies, and all down the road once we passed through Charlotte I thought of watching a sun rise instead of set on a March Good Friday morning, heading down this same stretch of interstate towards the RBC Center--"I hope you were blaring the Saw theme," Joe texted when I told him. We pulled into Elizabeth's driveway right as OCMS was in the middle of belting "And if I die in Raleigh, at least I will diiie freeeeeee--" Couldn't have timed it any better. We ate a wonderful late dinner with her family, and it was so great to have a piece of Davidson comfort in my life at the start of this-- start. We laughed and reminisced and caught up, exactly one year after she stayed with us on her way to New Orleans. Nearly three years since Odyssey. And the next morning, Dad and I drove the last 2 1/2 hours to Richmond.

(don't you loooove cliffhangers? it's late, I'm tired)

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yay for "Wagon Wheel"!!!