Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30 2008.
There is no hunger there is no thirst there is no future past before or after there is just now now now and I see Stephen with the ball moving desperate back forth fake up side side and the clock hurts it wrenches my stomach and pummels my heart and their arms are too much too big too everywhere why can't he slip past why can't it just move and slip through and go and swish down so easy and right and suddenly Stephen doesn't have the ball he doesn't have it shit shit shit he doesn't have it it's in the air it's in Jason's hands breathe in breathe out Jason Jason Jason Jason can make threes he hit like five on Friday Jason Jason Jason fivefourthreetwo and he launches it I can't look I can't look I can't look because it means something will happen but I look anyway because it means something will happen because we could win this game

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