Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here is what I think.
I think it's great that Brendan played the whole game.
I think FBE is going to kick ass.
I think so much of it is mental. Too much. And it pisses me off.
I think it's frustrating.
I think it's possible.
I think he'll stay.
I think (no, I know) it's my favorite place in the world.
I think my friends are the best.
I think having a best friend would make this whole housing thing so much easier.
I think homework doesn't always mean much.
I think live/write/spring/sing/want/laugh.
I think sometimes I crave importance, significance, appreciation.

I think sometimes I feel very melodramatic and I don't need to be.
I think home for spring break (fellowship hall, pink trees, dogs, Meltons) is necessary.
I think when I first saw this campus 3 years ago, I had no idea.
I think the song at the end of "10 things I hate about you" really applies right now.
I think surely but unsure.

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