Friday, February 20, 2009

FEBRUARY 20, 2008.
We get the full front page of the sports section, with Steph dipping under the basket for a layup, almost grimacing.


I read ravenously, all the way through. And the words at the end slam into me.

And that big upset that Davidson couldn’t quite pull off in November or December? It’s coming. Just wait until March.

No hesitation. For sure. Done deal.

I read it again. Again. And I can picture it in a half-fuzzy corner of my brain where the impossible pretends to be possible for a millisecond, where the truth comes true but not really. That place that’s existed since March 15, 2007 when I actually started to understand what we are trying to do here. The place that’s so close and yet as far as it’s ever been. The place that I don’t really believe will actually become reality, because it’s just… too big. Too many people want it.

But still. That corner is there for a reason.

March. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten.

Ten days.

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