Tuesday, December 09, 2008

With less than a week to go, a list (bc this is so much more fun than writing my papers):
Things I have learned/discovered spending 3 months in England (and visiting Ireland, N. Ireland, France, Scotland):
1. Cadbury's Dairy Milk Double Chocolate candy bar is amazing.
2. Jordan's Country Crisp cereal is the best cereal in the world.
3. Never confuse Manchester United and Manchester City football teams.
4. Food expires much quicker here.
5. You have to show ID to buy cutlery at Poundland (but not superglue).
6. I should have bought a bus pass.
7. I never need to go back to/hear the name "Peterborough" ever ever again.
8. Atlanta: "that's where Usher lives" and "That's where all the gangsters come from."
9. You can only pass backwards in rugby.
10. Ryanair has the most annoying music/advertisements ever.
11. There are lots of bunny rabbits here.
12. Don't trust the bus schedules.
13. They're called "flu jabs," not "flu shots"
14. I will never again take for granted not having to pay for parties, the gym, etc. at school
15. Bella Italia lies.
16. Orange Wednesdays = awesome.
17. never EVER EVER forget your Young Person's Railcard on a train trip.
18. Ian McEwan went to UEA.
19. So did Tracy Chevalier.
20. Shipping stuff is expensive.
21. English potato salad is equal or better to Southern potato salad.
22. I want an electric kettle.
23. I like H&M.
24. All Starbucks in the world are the same. Which is comforting and good.
25. Ponti's restaurant in Stansted Airport serves the only "real" lemonade in England.
26. Belfast City Airport is wonderfully small and easy to navigate.
27. Paper is bigger here.
28. It was totally worth it to bring all 10 seasons of "Friends" with me.
29. Stores close waaaaaaay early here.
30. Cathedrals: Peterborough, Sacre Coeur (best outside), Tours (best inside), St. Patrick's, King's College Chapel
31. Toast and butter/jam in Ireland in the best in the world.
32. You have to put in a pound to get a shopping cart and it will give it back when you rechain it.
33. The Brits freak out about snow too.
34. The Stratford-upon-Avon train station is super sketchy.
35. Sending a postcard to the USA from the UK costs 56 pence.
36. Haggis is pretty good.
37. 2 pounds/wash and 50 pence/12 minutes of drying is an effing rip off.
38. The sun starts to set around 3:30 in the winter time. It's not cool.
39. "Fancy dress" means costumes, not fancy dressy clothing.
40. Katherine of Aragon is buried at Peterborough Cathedral.
41. Life-sized figurines in exhibits are fun to take pictures with.
42. British TV commercials are really annoying.
43. Walk on the left? Walk on the right? I still have no idea.
44. the 1 pound coin is AWESOME.
I will keep adding...

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