Saturday, October 25, 2008

8:30 pm

Actually, I can. I actually have a lot of notes typed out and quotations etc. but I just cannot seem to put it all together. Arrrrgh. I don't know why it's so hard. Haven't done it in awhile, I guess. It's like those nights when you are super tired so you go to sleep early (like 1 AM haha) and yet you can't get to sleep. I have spent most of the day/evening trying my best to be productive but it hasn't completely come together yet.
Ok, just had to get that out there. :-)
Went to Edinburgh on Tuesday/Wednesday-- will try to share more about that soon. I know I haven't really told a lot about Paris either! After this week, when I turn in both my papers, I'll have a lot of free time, so I will try to do that then.
much love.

ps. I can nearly count all the weekends I have left here on one hand and I know what I'll be doing for almost all of them. Crazyness!

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