Monday, October 06, 2008

8:30 PM

I am glad because:

- I finally got everything straightened out with traveling this weekend-- Paris and Tours, yay! Elizabeth, Michele, Ann, Chris, Caro, etc., 21st birthday celebrations, YAY!!!!
- I have these chocolate-chocolate cookies that are incredible (and therefore also very dangerous when they are right next to right now...)
- I walked a lot today! And it was not too cold, and sunny! ahhh
- I bought more awesome cereal (I should count how many boxes I go through by the time I leave... now we're on #3...)
- I had a really good conversation with my creative writing professor who is so cool!
- MY ABSENTEE BALLOT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaalelujah, sending it in tomorrow... 4 weeks! oh my gosh!
- I am always really satisfied after I go food shopping-- grapes, cheese, salad, potato salad (I had a craving, plus I wonder how English potato salad compares to Southern... hehe), ham, chicken, white bread, butter, milk... good stuff.
- I went to another "rock gospel choir" rehearsal and taught the Siyahumba alto part to the section!! I was very proud of myself, maybe most especially because I learned it 6 years ago and it just seems to be engrained in my psyche (like tons of songs and harmonies are). Then we also sang Zum Gali Gali, ohhh man 8th grade... one of the girls on the committee said "I think you should be our music coordinator next year!" And I said, "I'm only here til December." She said, "nooo!"

Ok, these cookies are really really dangerous. This is bad...
But everything else is going well! Although I have done like NO work in the last 3-4 days... time to remedy that. I think.

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