Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5:15 pm

2 things that are making me nervous:

1. taking the chunnel to paris. I am SUPER EXCITED to get there and see everyone, but i am also just hoping that all of my transportation issues go well-- especially after they had that fire there a bit before we got to england... i'm sure everything is straightened out and it is probably more safe than it has been in the past. just my worrywart self, unsurprisingly.

2. money. especially right now, of course, it is scary, and when i am in a different country with a really crappy exchange rate (why don't we all get the same currency, ok? sound good? i know, i know, i know absolutely nothing about economics) but i just feel a bit guilty for spending a lot to go on a weekend trip and my parents will have to deal with it on my credit card before i get back. and i am not working here like i do at school. bleccch. and i want to go other places too, and taking the damn BUS costs money, and so does food, and going out, and doing laundry and printing stuff out and... pretty much everything. ick. ick ick ick. and yet-- i am only here for three months. i have no idea what my opportunities will be like to travel after this. so on one side, i am really frustrated at myself for spending so much, and on the other, i think that it is important to have these experiences. and my parents have been so supportive of me doing this but i still feel bad spending their money. sigh.

more later.

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Amy Bugg said...

I hope you have an amazing time! I think the chunnel would make me nervous too!