Monday, October 20, 2008

4:10 pm
birthday weekend was lovely!! on friday, some of us went out to dinner (and ellyn, becca, and i had gone out for yummy fudge cake the night before and also had a great stir fry dinner made by ellyn, yaay! and they got me flowers!) and then i had a nice lazy rest of the night and skyped w/ mom and dad. on saturday i slept way too late, but it was a gorgeous cold windy sunny day and so i walked in the park and listened to "pride and prejudice" because i felt very moor-y and romantic heroine-y. haha. and then i got triumphant and listened to the "little women" (movie) soundtrack as i walked over to the lake which was incredibly beautiful in the fading sunlight... they have these little one-person docks peppered all around the lake so i sat on one for a long while and just watched the water and the ducks and the sun and it was so peaceful. ahhh. i really didn't do any work which wasn't the best thing but it was more enjoyable. :-) i edited my book for awhile, and skyped with mom, dad, and MASE!! who is home for fall break! love my little brother. skype seems to be behaving much better recently. i also talked to marty and katie b! then later (like 2 AM for me, haha) katie o and anna came over to our house and so i got to talk to all 3 of them for over an hour and catch up! it was fantastic. i miss my girls. christmas will be so incredible!
yesterday i woke up and took the bus into town for church again, second time at chapelfield road methodist. i love it more and more. we sang good hymns and afterwards, everyone was just so welcoming to me and asked me where i was from, what i was studying, anything and everything. i love being with a variety of ages and i am grateful that glenn has taught me that. and they have tea/coffee upstairs in the fellowship hall after services so i met more people there. it was great! yaaaaay. then i met ellyn in town and we went to marks and spencers for fruit/vegetable shopping (love that place) and then poundland for halloween decorations, and then we spent an hour in starbucks (feels the same in any country, i've decided) just talking. so cozy. then we went back to campus and went to the library! i felt quite productive, i wrote a crap draft of one of my papers and started researching a bit for my other one. i will expound more on those in a few minutes. after the library, i went back to the flat and made dinner and then went to the union for "pub trivia" with jack, james, freya, chris, and holly. it was fun! (oh, and my flatmates got me a box of chocolates for my birthday and i have eaten way too many of them in less than 24 hours. uh oh.) then later ellyn and i caught up with becca since she went to france this weekend.
so yeah, paper topics. paper #1 = archive fever, aka the idea of wanting to preserve a present moment so you end up seeing it as the past while it's actually taking place. it's an interesting and relevant concept that i actually use a LOT. hm. (for narrative in culture)
paper topic #2 = fanfiction as a "translation" of an author's original work. such an intriguing part of the literary world that i am grateful for as an avid reader that i would like to explore more. there are actually a lot of journal articles, yaaay sources! (for frontiers of writing)
both of those are due in 10 days, and then i have a short story for creative writing due in 2 1/2 weeks. by that time the election will have taken place! damn, time will fly. is flying. flees. happily, though.
tomorrow becca, mary, and i are heading to edinburgh for about twenty four hours, haha. oh the joys of having wednesdays off. and patty is going to meet us there! and hopefully i will get to see honor there too. yay, more adventures!

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