Friday, September 26, 2008

it is 2 in the morning and i am sitting in the dark listening to the men, one of whom is going to be my president, talk. an ocean away.
in another country.
random Claire thoughts...
-"all of us saw this train wreck coming," says John McCain re: the financial crisis. WELL THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!?!?!??!
-haha, McCain just cited the 2 letters that Eisenhower wrote before DDay. Flowers taught us that in 10th grade.
-"can you say it directly to him?" Jim Lehrer, don't be a school teacher please...
-"the american worker is the most productive, the most innovative..." yes, ok, sure, please do keep that "Fundamental belief in the United States of America" but HELP US!
-They keep saying all these numbers back and forth to insult, to trip up, what have you... and I honestly have no idea what they all mean. And any of them could be true. Or they could be untrue. From either candidate. I have no clue. It bothers me.
- interesting that Obama calls McCain "John" and McCain calls him "Senator Obama."
- seriously, i do appreciate these debates, but how the hell are we supposed to know who's giving us correct figures or not? "let me just tell you this... let me just say..." arrrrgh. you guys are pretty much begging us to vote for you... pleasepleaseplease let me convince you somehow!
-"It was festooned with Christmas tree ornaments." Hey, there's a word GWB wouldn't use.
- "That's just not true" "It's just a fact." "This is undeniable." Ahhh STOP IT!
- Oh please don't angry-laugh John. Please don't.
- I can't imagine the pressure they must feel in these situations. I know that they are trained for this and plan for this, but holy crap. I would... panic. Flip out. Turn and run away. Never run for president in the first place. (there you go)
- YEAH alternative energy! YEAH fix healthcare! woot woot! MAKE COLLEGE AFFORDABLE IN AMERICA!!
- liberal = "me opposing George Bush's wrongheaded policies." Wrongheaded. Nice.
- a spending freeze? That sounds kind of scary.
- no offshore drilling! no! save the polar bears!
- Is it healthy to add more nuclear power plants? Seriously asking. Don't know.
- John McCain has just used the term "Miss Congeniality" twice in a presidential debate. It kind of amuses me.
- Nonononono don't say maverick and don't say you have a good partner who's a maverick AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
- "The lessons of Iraq are very clear"-- yeah, that it was unnecessary!
- I am really really tired of victory vs defeat talk. I just want people to stop dying needlessly.
- thank goodness Obama said the right date for the war. Any stumbling scares me.
- "If we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." What??
- You. Don't go. OK, you can go. I am proud of you and want you to do what you want. Just come back. Please.
- "We've got to deal with Pakistan. We've got to deal with Afghanistan." Yes, I realize that we are the most powerful country in the world and these countries are important and we have buried ourselves within them and their problems/our problems... but I hate it when we use language that makes us sound so damn pretentious. (which we are, I know)
- "Here's what I said." Why do they all have to repeat themselves esp. if they've already said something? Just go look it up kids. "Let me tell you my record." Why don't we just look it up ourselves? Not kidding. stop telling us.
- I am so impressed, can't believe that a 72 year old man is doing this. No matter who I'm voting for, that's very very impressive.
- "That means that that mission succeeds." Or that means you get these men and women out before more of them die. Like my friends.
- "I've got a bracelet too." Oh no. Competition.
- Obama is really focused on McCain, talking to him directly; McCain is NOT and it's annoying me.
- Yeah, John, you've been to these countries but your veep sure hasn't.
- "Significant, meaningful, PAINFUL" sanctions. Aren't we so nice??
- "Iran-ically" :-) am I the only one who heard that?
- yes! no more isolation!
- "senator, what about talking?" hahaha
ok, it's not quite done, but it's 3:15 am. i am giving it up for the night.

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