Monday, September 08, 2008

Hey, lookit!
The effects of the Elite Eight will never cease to amaze me.
*cue the mad electric guitar riffs...*
Let's go.

Anyway, I got to visit campus this weekend, before I leave for England on Sunday (Sunday?? As in 5 days?? Oh dear lord...). It was surreal and wonderful to see everyone, so many different people who all mean so much to me-- Nancy, Dr. G, Dr. M, Mary, Dev, Rieti, Joe!, Aimee, Marianne, ROB SPACH, Jamie, Mama Kealy, Emily P, Jeff Tolly, Jessica, Ellen, Lindsay, Marjie, Becca Morgan!, Eva, Rachel, Kennedy, Kelli, Kate, Sarah Mac, David, Michael, Carolyn, Lisa!, Grant, Sonia, Jess, Brianna, Rachel, Carrie, Michelle, Grace, Jeremy!, Ashley, Rob Mayo, Glenn!, Kate, Zach!, my dear 2nd watts boys Tory, Mike, Louis... man.
Good good good people, my friends. I am grateful for every single one of them, as well as those abroad, for everything they've given me, miniscule and significant.
I'm scared and excited and anxious about leaving for 3 months, but I get to meet new people that will hopefully turn into more names that I will write with joy and appreciation-- and then I will return home to Davidson, to the people that make it home for me.

Headin down south to the land of the pine
thumbin my way into North Caroline
starin up the road and pray to god I see headlights...


Moriah said...

you rock my pantaloonies.

PS thank you for finally allowing comments.

Claire Asbury said...

you're welcome! i'm not sure why i didn't before... but yay!

Moriah said...

made it down the coast in 17 hours
pickin me a bouquet of dogwood flowers

I hope you're doing well!