Friday, September 26, 2008

12 midnight
today was very good! although i had a hard time getting up earlyish (you'll laugh at me if you hear what "early" is so i won't tell you) to go to *gasp* class! "narrative in culture." and uh, scratch what i said re: british students not speaking up. well, first off, i am the only american in this class so there you go, but everyone contributed tons to the discussion. bit intimidating, really. very VERY theory-of-knowledgesque, which is good and bad. talked about time and what is time and does time go forwards or backwards or everywhere and is it a concept or is it real or is it subjective or objective or both or lalalalallala? yeah. pretty cool, and then drifted into the idea of recording things, archiving them, taking pictures (hmmm), how people think that taking pictures can sometimes take away from having the actual experience (one guy said "i have a couple of friends who carry their cameras around with them everywhere," and i could feel my camera burning a hole in my pocket. haha)... very very intriguing stuff, especially for me, the nostalgia/recording queen. more on that later i think. some very nice people in that class though.
bought some novels after class for the class-- i love buying new novels, and i feel so much less guilty about buying them because i feel like hopefully i will reread them. although i have no idea how i am going to get them in my suitcase... ship them, probably. ohhh the last week of classes will be extremely stressful, trying to get all my work in plus trying to cram everything into my suitcases.
then i came back and had a quick lunch, (oh and earlier i exchanged dollars for pounds and got a really really depressing amount. arrgh damn economy) then headed back to campus for prose fiction. it was a gorgeous day to be out walking! again, looove that light. (which reminds me, people are at family camping now! awww) prose fiction was good, all the people and the instructor seem very cool and eager. i am glad that i took a workshopping class last semester because i think it's really put me more at ease with sharing stuff and having it be critically deconstructed, plus it allowed me to form great working relationships with fellow writers and by the end we were all completely relaxed with each other. hopefully that will happen this time too.
after class i decided to go to the chaplaincy because i knew they had evening prayer. it ended up being me and 2 of the chaplains but it was really nice to go through the routine of a prayer and call and response. it reminds me how... sacred it is, how much a part of my life it is-- not just praying and talking to god by myself, but acknowledging god with other people. and doing it in another country far away from my friends and family who know me and my faith well was also very affecting. the chaplains were both nice, showed me around, told me where a methodist church is, etc. i think i will take the bus on sunday morning and try and find it. then i went along to another meeting to hear about other churches on campus but i think they are all mainly evangelical more contemporary churches (which is funny, just bc i never pictured those types of churches in england; i know that's stereotyping, but it always seems so americanized to me) so that's not really my deal. but i met a few more people which is always good. and then they had a "barbecue" down by the lake. it was dark, cold, and they had sausages instead of hot dogs which i did not like. :) so i went back to the flat and cooked more pasta with cheese sauce, haha. maybe i'll have an orange now. sat around in the kitchen with josh, hannah, laura, freya, holly, and chris (and jack for a bit) and just talked and told them some about driving in the states and other random stuff... it's fun being the one who has a lot of knowledge in one subject (america), although there are things that i don't know when they ask. but it's fun to talk about home. then we all watched juno which is always fun. and it's FRIDAY, hallelujah, which means i can sleeeeeeeep tomorrow!! guess i actually have to start doing work too. oh yeah.
plus i am thinking of staying up till past 2 am here to hear the debate that will go on, apparently. thank goodness for live NPR.
it's homecoming at druid hills, it's homecoming at davidson, and it's family camping weekend. three wonderful things that i love so very much.

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