Monday, September 29, 2008

11:35 pm
- the lake is wonderful.
- I SUCK at going to bed at a reasonable hour here. And I suck at getting up at a good time too.
- How is it nearly OCTOBER?!?!?
- I have discovered the best cereal ever. Country Crisp. Soooo good. I eat it all the time. Might have to fit some in my suitcase home (ha!)
- I will slowly but surely figure out my travel plans. I really do not have all that many weekends free! But I want to see people/places...
- I love it when you're in a situation where past learning comes back to mean something. Let me elaborate. I've been reading today and there was a mention of Arundhayti Roy. And I think "I've read a book by her! She is so awesome!" And there was a quote from WB Yeats: things fall apart the center cannot hold... And I think "Things Fall Apart. Man, that book was awful. But I read it!" And in my prose fiction class it says we should read stuff by Grace Paley. Which I did for my last creative writing class. Random stuff like that, that reminds me where I come from, how my education builds and builds on top of itself. And it can appear in other venues too, like the choir practice I attended tonight; the two songs we learned were "Wade in the Water" (2nd grade, regional church choir with Mollie...) and "Siyahumba" (see August 2002 posts, freshman year at DHHS...). Past into present into future-- who says history is dead? (Sorry I've been reading strange long abstract discourses on postmodernity this evening)
- You are extra-scared of something you don't understand. And I have never understood Wall Street, stocks, the economy at all. So I am extra-scared. But I am trying not to be because I can't do much from here.
- It was so satisfying to come back to the flat and make a chicken sandwich and blue cheese salad. I am grateful to have the means to eat, and eat well.
sending you my love from across an ocean...

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