Tuesday, May 13, 2008

11:26 pm

i am done with exams. it's summer. and my heart is kind of aching. because people are leaving. people are graduating. and a lot of us are going away from this amazing place for awhile longer than usual. and a lot of things are going to change. it's going to be good, i know. a lot of it is very needed. but right now it just feels very very strange.
and tonight i realized that in moments of change, sadness, uncertainty, and frustration the only place i want to be is that cozy little arena on a winter's night with '08 and all the rest, singing and cheering and laughing and coming alive with the energy that only this community can possess. where i am with friends that i know and friends that i don't know. where i am one with so many other people in joy. that is absolutely where i want to be. so badly.
and that, i think, is a testament to this place and this community and this team more than any wins on a national stage.
god i love it. i don't think words can ever quite express how much.
so thanks, and heartache, and amens.