Tuesday, October 09, 2007

8:04 pm
wow, 2 days in a row of posting! tonight i went to "profs on god" with president ross. it was a good talk, but i was mainly struck by his talking about the people here who affected him and had a great impact on his life. he's best friends with his freshman hall counselor and several of his professors... it made me think about the people that have already had an effect on me in the year and two months that i've been here, and how many more there will be... even starting with hanley, whom i never really got to know, but who made me want to come here in the first place. and elizabeth henry, who i've gotten to know so much better which makes me happy. and then jon, goose, elizabeth, sarah, devon, nina, asher, and jeff, who were my first friends here and made me sososososo happy and excited to be coming 2 weeks later. and marianne, ben, and all of crew 8. and grandpa cool, creech! jess, and tiffany and elise who made me feel welcome on the hall. and mark, sarah, kelli, and jeremy who welcomed me to church. emily may, amber, bekah, lindsey, louis, marsy, all the MCF '10ers... glenn! one of the best people on the face of the earth! caro, who i talked to on facebook for like 3 months before school, and her lovely wonderful roommate sarah b. my cousin mayray, who i actually got to live with! patricia, chris, gillian, laura, steve-o, james, lee-- all those seniors that i miss! katherine and john bryant, lexi and jean-marie, chris moore, those hall counselors who weren't my real ones but were sure close enough! jon kass and keith, hilarity hilarity. anna x., so lovely. allie c., jordi, steven douglass, lindsay, those awesome wednesday night films... all my professors. lunches with linds. KRISTEN! gosh, what would life have been like without her insanity and hyperness and good good heart? cheryl. dr mills and all of the english profs. katie and brendan and jax and maret and josh and catie and seyi and leslie and heath and people who were just in my classes that made me grin and and think and roll my eyes and laugh laugh laugh. ROB SPACH! michele and becca and ellen and willie and marjie... nathan and joe and pierce. ANN!!! gavin and tory and liz and el... cassie. emily powell, and our chance meeting! spangler. carolyn. caroline wood! people in all all all my classes. matt baum, holy crap. matt petit. bobby, bobby, bobby. george and colin and people i only know through sight or performance. john and pam and every cashier and janitor. aimee. cara. jessica and allison and abby and dalia. new people this year! sarah, paul, jamie, michelle, kate, david, rob... so many more people to be met. and this sweet girl named emmy who asked if i wanted to eat dinner with her one night, and just happened to become my best friend. and she introduced me to all of these fantastic people that "adopted" me last year and that i am lucky enough to live with this year. anna and becca. sam and john, whom i'd heard of through dad even before i met him. oh, suich. lisa lisa lisa! patty, zach, mike, tory, louis, marsicano, EVERYONE!
and the amazing part is that there are so many more.
i know this is so totally CLAIRE, to write about people like this, so nostalgically and gratefully and having to list names (did you ever read my youth sunday speech? oh dearie dear), but i have to live up to my name, right?

i put one foot in front of the other
steppin into the here and now
i'm not sure just where i'm goin
but i will get there anyhow

people come and walk beside me
till our pathways do divide
nothin much but love to give you
even less have i to hide