Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2:45 pm
waiting to go to my dentist appointment... woo hoo! summersaults this week has been good. i really enjoy working w/ drew and erin! plus the kids get along so well. we have a bit of a bigger group this week but it's still not bad. i've been typing for nana some too; bym finally got to america! i just went for a walk and only got up to SMS and then it started POURING... so i had to walk all the way back to my house in the rain. but we need rain so i'm not complaining. i made a tshirt for harry potter night online and it came today! i really like it. it says "gryffindor" in gold block letters on the front and there's a gryffindor tie on it too. and on the back it has musical notes and says "weasley is our king" and there's a picture of ron. it's so cool to make stuff like that online and have it delivered "in the flesh"! hehe. awesome. only 2 days till book 7! how exciting. i think it's sunny outside now... how ironic. not much else is up-- just thought i'd update on the fly!