Monday, July 09, 2007

11:10 pm
wow, i havent written in a LONG while. a month, actually. sorry about that. things have been going all right. right now i am in a state of harry potterness, excitement for the movie (midnight tomorrow!!!) and ESPECIALLY the book (12 days!!!!!!!!). rupert grint is quite good looking, by the way. so yeah. been to the beach a couple of times, as usual, both very relaxing and fun. love the ocean water when i can get there. trying to clean up/out my room but it's proving difficult-- somehow i get distracted, normally by the internet-- NOT A GOOD THING! i have papers to put in boxes, and so many random things that i have no idea what to do with. ugh. too bad i'm a pack rat. new orleans a month ago was amazing. such a good trip. it was great to be with a varied group of glenn folks, who were all wonderful. it was very fullfilling and refreshing in multiple ways. those junior high girls are awesome! they make me so happy for the future of the youth group. and the boys of course too. :-) yay yay yay. and MEGS came home!!! that was so good bc of course i miss her. the two of us took adrienne back to BASR which was great bc i was with 2 of my girls! then we had a fun party for her. lots of different people turned up and it is always so nice to be in a room with a bunch of old friends who have gone their separate ways but always return to be together. like christmas too. went to see oceans 13 (soo good!!! love those guys, their dry wit is second to none), etc. then had a week at the beach w/ the fam and victor! so wonderful. god i love that house. i hope it never ever ever ever ever gets sold. it is too too necessary in my life! (oh and i havent grown in like 4 years. surprise surprise. soon i'm gonna have my own LINE on that wall) great food, beautiful weather, storms, LOTS of writing (40 + pages! except it kind of sucks... ick), no internet, reading anne of green gables and harry potter and others, listening to mase and vic be silly, playing hearts (i never won once! stupidness)... that is what summer is about. church in the schwartz center has been so much fun. everyone has to use the same entrance/exit, unlike in the sanctuary, so you get to see everyone for so much more time and the sense of community is just awesome. plus the seats are comfy. :-) i love my friends. eee!! last sunday i sat w/ katie o, katie b (love that girl-- i'm so glad she came on the N.O. trip!), george, hamp, and chris a. during the opening hymn, katie o was sitting between me and george and she smiled and said "it's just like the old days!" that made me grin. i love how the old days, and glenn youth in general, is just a permeating part of our lives always, no matter how old we are. it's something so special. i've been driving more on my own which is certainly good. mase got his license too and that's fun. started summersaults after the beach, and had a GREAT first week! working with bruce is so fun, and drew has been great and so fun to talk to-- and i know all the kids from last year and they had bruce for school so there was no awkwardness or sadness or madness-- AHHH! perfection. oh glenn. how much you have given me. plus amy is working so i get to see her a lot! and anna is going to be our assistant the last week! went to jax a few days ago to see the other side of the family which was good. love those cousins and grandmama. had JURY DUTY today of all things, and thankfully didn't get called to serve-- though i was so close! (they took the people behind and in front of me) so now i am trying to write. writing is my hardest thing to do, and yet what i want to do with my life! when i say hardest i guess i dont mean DIFFICULT in writing (look at me now) but just... the ability to come up with a storyline that is "stick-able..." you know? plus right now i feel like i have been too wrapped up in Jo Rowling's brilliance to write my own stuff bc I'm always like "why cant I write like her? *whine*" (bad attitude i know) i just need to find my own... person, place, thing? conflict? conflict....write what you know write what you know... but do i honestly know much? i've found that i always end up naming my main characters (always a girl... hm--write what i know, i guess) with "C" names-- any connection to MY name? Casey, Catherine, Carrie... Yeah, i think so. i just need to be disciplined as all get out. DO IT!!!! oh and i got my perfect school schedule. yeehah! no drop/add necessary, PRAISE THE LORD! so looking forward to this semester. but first i am going to finish enjoying summer. okay good i've caught myself up. i promise i'll write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!