Monday, May 07, 2007

7:19 pm
ok i know i am supposed to be working on my history paper but i have been on a dawson's creek kick lately and i have been watching katie holmes on david letterman at different times in her career and it is HILARIOUS. i started watching one right after she started dating tom and she is definitely infatuated and totally into him and she does not seem amused AT ALL by dave's silly cracks about age and height.
so the one i watched after that was from after the 2nd season of DC and dave notes that she is tall and says that he thinks that actors often get into the business because they're short. "for instance, tom cruise is short.... pretty boy tom cruise..." and she nods and says "very true" or something like that and it is HILARIOUS.
now i am watching one after DC is over and for some reason katie says "so apparently i have an interest in older men."
OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY. and kind of scary, the foreshadowing. wow. just had to mention that my procrastinating has come to that.

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