Monday, April 09, 2007

12:25 am
so not like i need reminding, but easter always reminds me how much glenn has affected by life. i flitted around the back of the sanctuary hugging people, ralph and BEN and george and anna and candler and everyone and hamp and i ran slow-mo towards each other and everyone was going up front and putting flowers on the cross. and we finally got up to the balcony and situated ourselves and people just kept COMING-- cavagnaros, rogers, AMY, becca, allie, emsy!, addy robby, alice, katie, melissa, and ahhhhh! and standing up to sing the song that i know i love
with all of my loved ones, my parents, my surrogate parents, my real brother, my adopted brothers, my sisters that god gave me in spirit, o lord amazingness joyfulness
and marching down the aisle with addy and everyone else knowing that we are about to sing the FREAKIN HALLELUJAH CHORUS and seeing EVERYONE up there in that place we know so well, we've been doing this forever, and though we've been different places and we in different places mentally and physically and life-ily we are older and "wiser" and busier and we have changed,
we come back. and we join and sing this piece praising the god who has given us to each other.
and that never ceases to amaze me.
there's an easter post for you.

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