Thursday, March 29, 2007

"And in Chorus we watched "Newsies", which so far is a REALLY good musical with some great actors. I swear it has the guy from "Little Women" in it... oh what's his name? But I know it's the same guy
And in chorus we kept watching "Newsies"... jeez some of those guys are HOT! And I was right! Christian Bale (who played Laurie in "Little Women") is the star. But it was made about 10 years ago (I looked it up on the web this afternoon). And the music is REALLY good- I want the soundtrack.
And the world will know..." (from "Newsies", I don't remember the rest of the words! Whoops!)
Just remembered- watching "Newsies" has rekindled my candle to write a musical... God help me. I am the WORST procrastinator ever. It's not like I need to do this... I just want to prove something to myself. It would be pure satisfaction. If I could only do it. Hm, we'll see. Meanwhile, any ideas for plot?"
--Claire's blog in March 2002

I have been watching clips from Newsies again and it reminds me how good it is!!!!!!!! Hehehehe. I was such a naive little middle schooler 5 freakin years ago.

Now I am a college student in the library at 12:12 am and am not doing any work! And my battery is low!!!

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