Friday, March 30, 2007

2:05 AM
hey, kcox.
it is almost the one-year anniversary of your death. for me, that is so hard to believe... and i didn't even know you that well. i can only imagine what those close to you are feeling right now... feel everyday. i just looked back at those pictures of you at the park, the day you crashed. you are so damn ALIVE in those photos, kat... it is impossible to think that only hours later you weren't.
you have to believe
there is reason for hope
you have to believe
that the answers will come
you cant let this defeat you
i wont let this defeat you
you must fight to keep her there
within you
so believe that she mattered
and believe that she always will
she will always be with you
she'll be part of the days you've yet to fill
she will live in your bounty
she will live as you carry on your life
so carry on
full of hope
she'll be there
for all your days of plenty.
i just started sobbing at two o'clock on a friday morning as i listened to that song. it made me cry, so much kat. that is the song in the musical that made me sob because i always thought of you. always. and now it is dark and my light is the only one and i feel very contemplative and i can cry for you.
let's pretend we're riding on a kite...
i wish i knew you better then, but i feel like i know you so well now. i have written about you countless times... you have been an inspiration. you are. i'd rather it be in a different way, but it is so.
i love you, kathryn.

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