Wednesday, February 21, 2007

8:40 pm
okay, so this is pretty pathetic. i used to write on this thing EVERY DAY, i mean, multiple times a day. i think this is my first post of 2007. yuck. too late, too late. HEY! i even missed the 5-year anniversary of the blog!! it was a couple of days ago! how sad! well, in memory of it:
sweet dreams are made of these
who am i to disagree?
travel the world and the seven seas
everybody's lookin for something...
it is now lent. i thought about giving up chocolate and as of today i have not had any... but i really really really wanted a big soft cookie after dinner. i got tea instead. i have a feeling that i am going to break this like, tomorrow, and have chocolate... i kind of want to see how long i can go without having it but i know i will want to have it and probably have it because honestly i don't think i am doing it for lenten reasons. i think i am doing it for health reasons. BLAH! john sent me the most beautiful photo of glenn along with a note. i am going to print it out and it will remind me that it is lent.
i sang at the ash wednesday service with chris and some other people... i enjoyed singing in front of other people again. i got a lot of smiles and congratulations which i enjoyed. then i went to dinner at the union and watched emily and keith spray water on each other and shriek. hahaha. then i read the bio of martin luther for like an hour. jessica and i are going to watch the office soon. i should be doing more work, but whateva! i do what i want!
this weekend will be good. movie watching-- united 93 and titanic. gosh, i love that film. it is so annoying how it seeps into my subconscious. i bet james cameron knew that was going to happen... sigh. i am looking forward to watching it with a group of girls-- i never have before.
it was GORGEOUS today, so so so gorgeous. totally springish. i wish i could have spent more time outside, but i did enough to enjoy it. i also thought about how i think it was a year ago today that i toured davidson. that is so difficult and yet so easy to believe. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! jeez.
going back for stunt nite was really good for me. i enjoyed seeing all of my teachers and a lot of friends who are still there, and other alums, and community members, parents, etc. i am so proud of that school for so many reasons, one being all the wonderful traditions that are still going and that we are so proud of. stunt nite is unique to our high school. and it is always hilarious. and basically amazing. people always yell in the darkness between the stunts... michelle yelled "07!" and tcrow responded, "05!"... victor and seth yelled when they were in the audience, back from college, 3 years ago... god i love it. love love love it.
love love love davidson
love love love dhhs
love love love atl.
i'll be writing more, no worries.

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